wedding photos as unique
as your relationship

I became a wedding photographer to give couples the option to choose something different. If you like the idea of non-frilly wedding photography inspired by art, movies, and fashion, with no rules about what a wedding “should be,” we’re probably going to love each other.

Your wedding is original, and that’s why I’ll never approach it in the same way as someone else’s. The things that make it special – the mood, the family quirks, and of course the relationship with the person you’re going to share your life with – can never be replicated. I use creative light and shadows, the landscape, and architecture to capture the atmosphere of your day. I focus on getting close candids that feel real, and really you. You end up with wedding photos that don’t really look or feel like wedding photos.

Being a good photographer is about more than just taking photos. I’m there to help with logistics. I guide you through your portrait session. And I’m your calm email support when you’re stressing. Wedding planning can sometimes make you feel like you should be doing things the “right” way, and I want to help you see that the “right” way is whatever way makes you happiest. It’s your wedding, and these are the photos you’ll have for life. I want you to love them.


All work copyright Parenthesis Photography 2017 / Custom illustrations by Kathleen Telesco Design