Never intrusive, always thoughtful and creative, Kathleen was 100% the right choice for us. She didn't even know she captured inside jokes and secrets not yet revealed, but that is just a credit to her intuition and keen sense for noticing quiet moments.

- Angela and Ryan


(Why Parenthesis?)

Definition: a round bracket used to section off a word, clause or sentence inserted as an explanation or afterthought into a passage which is grammatically complete without it.

When I photograph a wedding, I focus on the little afterthoughts and bits that seem insignificant but make up a larger part of the whole. I believe that it's these little things in our lives and relationships that are most meaningful. That's why I always photograph your cake before it's cut into, but also after, when it's a mess of frosting and crumbs. Or your brother's shirt soaked with sweat from dancing so hard. These things bring back that certain feeling from your day, and deserve to be remembered in addition to the big moments.

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