More than just
"wedding photos"

Couples come to me because they’re looking for more than just cookie-cutter, traditional photos. I’m of course going to capture the big moments for you, but there are other little moments that happen, too–the ones that make up the spirit of your day. That spirit is what I focus on. I use creative light and shadows, the landscape, and architecture to capture the atmosphere of your day. I create intimate candids that feel real, and really you. I mix in with your friends and family so that they can let their guard down and I can capture their personalities, quirks and all. If you like the idea of non-frilly photography inspired by art, movies, and retro film photography, with no rules about what a wedding “should be,” we’re probably going to love each other.

Being a good photographer is about more than just taking photos. I keep in touch with you before your wedding. I pay attention to what’s important to you as a couple. And I guide you through your portrait session so that your photos feel natural, not stiff.

My job is to make your photography experience as personalized and awesome as possible. Wedding planning can sometimes make you feel like you should be doing things the “right” way, and I want to help you see that the “right” way is whatever way makes you happiest.


Couples choose me because I'm good at:

Natural portraits with no stiff posing
Creative reception photos that aren't boring
Lots of candids of you, your friends, and family
Caring more about people than decor
Sharing my photo knowledge
Actually responding to your emails



(Why Parenthesis Photography?)


Definition: a round bracket used to section off a word, clause or sentence inserted as an explanation or afterthought into a passage which is grammatically complete without it.

When I photograph a wedding, I focus on the little afterthoughts and bits that seem insignificant but make up a larger part of the whole. I believe that it's these little things in our lives and relationships that are most meaningful. That's why I always photograph your cake before it's cut into, but also after, when it's a mess of frosting and crumbs. Or your brother's shirt soaked with sweat from dancing so hard. Or your niece being grumpy. These things deserve to be remembered in addition to the big moments.

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