I'm a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in Connecticut. The photo above was taken by my husband when we were in the Rockies, and he says it makes me look badass. So it's obviously my favorite.

I have a background in film studies, art history and drawing, which definitely influences the way I shoot. I grew up shooting on film and was always making projects. I live in a little apartment overrun with books and boxes of tea. Some things I like to do when I'm not shooting: reading graphic novels and cookbooks, hiking, writing comedic prose like this, watching movies, and quoting Seinfeld. I love cooking, and I plan most of my trips and travel around restaurants. I also have a little obsession with Anthony Bourdain. I'm kind of an old soul and think I was born in the wrong decade, maybe even century. Although I don't mind modern conveniences. 

I'm Connecticut-based but I'm a travel addict, so if you're getting married somewhere overseas or across the country, I'm always ready to go... especially because one of my life goals is to shoot all 50 states on 35mm film. I'm about halfway there.

Biggest artistic influences:

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