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Hi! I’m Kathleen and I’m a fine art documentary wedding photographer based in Fairfield County, Connecticut

While searching for a photographer for my own wedding, I had a hard time finding someone whose style I related to. That’s why when I left my full-time job to start shooting weddings myself, I wanted to incorporate my background in film, fashion, art & art history. What makes Parenthesis Photography different is being able to offer wedding photography to creative people who don’t want light, bright images, but instead something a little more raw, adventurous, and cinematic. I love creating images that look like movie stills and using inspiration from the things I love: art, film and nature.

Why I like to do it all

When I’m your photographer, everything to do with your wedding photography is created in-house, from the shooting, to the editing, to the album design, because I believe that it makes a difference in how your story is told. Each of your images is individually edited so that they feel like little works of art from your wedding day.

What’s important

Those who click with me are usually creative themselves, and are looking for wedding photography that is different. More emotional, more candid, less frilly. I care less about capturing the decor and more aboutcapturing you, your family and friends, because that’s what I think is really important and what you’ll want to remember ten, twenty or fifty years down the road. I love a creative cake topper as much as anyone else, but I love the amazing face you make the moment you realize you just got married more.

Who I usually mesh with

I’ve worked with comic book artists, writers, musicians, theater professionals, designers and videographers. If you’re not an artist but appreciate finding beauty in the every-day, and want wedding photos that are a bit moody and different, we’ll probably be a fit too. I’m serious about photography as an art, but I’m also probably one of the most down-to-earth and chilled out wedding professionals you’ll work with.

How I’m there for you

I make things easy. My couples always remark on how responsive I am to emails and calls, and that is super important to me. I remember being frustrated when people didn’t respond to me during wedding planning, and I want to take away from your stress, not add to it. On your wedding day I will probably be one of the calmest people there, reminding you that being nervous is normal or trying to round up missing family members for photos. Although I’ve been to a lot of weddings, on your day the only one I care about is yours.

Why I think it’s important to blend in

Weddings are about one amazing day where all of your most-loved people are together at once. It’s a beautiful and artistic part of your life that deserves to be treated as its own mini-documentary. My goal is to capture it for you in the most real, unobtrusive way possible. I don’t want to get in your way – I want you to enjoy your wedding while you let me capture it.

How we can find out if we’re a match

Most importantly, I believe wedding photography is about trust. Trust that I’m going to create something you’ll love, that the slightly weird things I may ask you to do in front of the camera will turn out looking cool in your photos, and that you’re in good hands. Get in touch through my contact page so we can set up a time to meet up or Skype, and find out if we’re a fit. I can’t wait to meet you!

Stuff I like to talk about other than photography (useful for our first meeting)
Graphic Novels / FOOD / Star Trek / Film / Travel  / Weird Trivia /  Your Life Story / London / Art history

I’m located in Fairfield County, Connecticut just outside of NYC, but travel absolutely anywhere for weddings – I visited 24 US states by car this summer (with the help of my husband and a minimum of 20 oz of coffee per day) so I’m always up for out-of-state or even out-of-country weddings. Upcoming wedding locations for 2016/2017 include Virgin Islands, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and NYC.

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