Photo Adventure Storybooks

I am very excited to offer a new type of photo session that is completely unique and customizable – photo books that are not just photo albums, but stories that are written by and starring your kids! You and your children choose a story template and fill in the blanks – who they want to be, what type of super power they want to have, and even get to draw their own monster that I composite into the final book. Then, we bring the story to life in a one-hour photo session. It’s a fun way to get creative and work on writing and drawing skills (and a little bit of acting!) and to bring your children’s visions and imaginations to life. These books are completely unique and only available with Parentheis Photography. Being a graphic designer as well as a photographer, I design each book and cover specially, and have them printed on high quality paper, so you end up with a beautiful hard cover book that is completely one-of-a-kind and very different from a regular photo album. At a deeper level, I also want them to teach kids about political and social issues. The first book I created, Miss Emily, Michael & the Monster, lightly touches on the subject of bullying. You can see a full story book here!




All work copyright Parenthesis Photography 2017 / Custom illustrations by Kathleen Telesco Design