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I am very excited to offer a new type of family photography session that is completely unique and customizable – photo books that are not just photo albums, but stories that are written with the help of your kids! You and your children choose one of three story templates and fill in the blanks – who they want to be, what type of super power they want to have, and even get to draw their own monster that I composite into the final book. Then, we bring the story to life in a one-hour photo session. It’s a fun way to get creative and work on writing and drawing skills (and a little bit of acting!) and to bring your children’s visions and imaginations to life. I design each book and cover specially, and have them printed on high quality paper, so you end up with a beautiful hard cover book that is completely one-of-a-kind and very different from a regular photo album.

We shot Emily and Michael’s photo storybook at Waveny Park in New Canaan, Connecticut. The weather was amazing and we were at that spot in the season where the flowers are still out but the leaves are changing as well. The park was an ideal place for their woodland story. Emily chose to be a fairy with a unique superpower, and her trusty sidekick Michael was a zombie. This first book lightly addresses bullying, and why people may be mean to others, which I think it an important lesson to teach kids. This shoot was so fun and personal, and I hope that this book becomes a favorite for them and maybe their own families someday!


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This is Miss Emily. She is a fairy.

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She lived in the deep woods beyond any land you could imagine. She was happy, but had one strange ability…

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She could fly faster than an eagle, while laughing

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Although she knew she was capable of great things because she was unique, others didn’t see it that way.

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Her trusty partner was MIchael the zombie. They did everything together.

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They were peaceful and happy. But little did they know, they would soon encounter the monster.

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The monster roamed the land, scaring children and eating people.

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One day, while walking through the woods, Michael and Emily heard an unfamiliar sound. Thinking it was probably nothing, they kept walking.

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Again they heard it. The sound of leaves rustling and branches breaking underfoot.

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Turning around quickly, they saw it – the monster!

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Michael and Emily started to run, but the monster was too big and too fast.

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Coming to a thick grove of trees, they were trapped.

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I know what I’ll do, Emily thought, I’ll fly away quickly while laughing!

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When she landed, she saw the monster was looking at her, confused. Then he started laughing!

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Emily and Michael started talking with the monster and learned that he was feared because he was different.

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They decided that being different was ok. In fact, they quite liked it.

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From that day onward, they did not fear the monster. They wandered through the woods, had adventures, and listened for the rustling of leaves and breaking of branches underfoot that might bring new friends.

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