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Documentary wedding photography Connecticut


When you're ready to book, all it takes to secure your date is a 50% retainer fee and a signed agreement. This can all be done digitally (woohoo!).


If you've decided to do an engagement shoot, we'll figure out a time and location for that. If you're not doing an engagement shoot, I'll be in touch a month or two before your wedding date. I'll send you a questionnaire to gather all the important details of your day, and from that I'll create your photography timeline. This is also when I do a little research on your venue, talk to your planner (if you have one) and have a little brainstorm to think of ideas for your portrait session. The week of your wedding, I clean and check all my equipment, and get important numbers into my phone. I'll also email or text you the day before to confirm times.


On your wedding day, I arrive early to the location we've agreed on. Depending on what we've talked about, we'll either go right into getting-ready photos, or your first look/ceremony. Once we've done portraits and family groupings, I mostly shoot the rest of the day documentary-style. I may grab you at some point if there's some awesome light going on, but other than that I'll just be running around and shooting, like a fiend.


After your wedding, I back up your images in multiple places. I start editing your photos right away, and post sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook. A couple weeks after your wedding, I'll post a preview on my site. Soon after this, I get all your photos prepped for you, and send them to you in an online gallery. From here, you can download your high-res photos for printing, and the low-res versions for posting on Facebook. You'll have your photos about 3-4 weeks after your wedding. If you've ordered an album I start designing, and at this point you can also order prints and canvases.

What's your photography style?

I describe it as artistic documentary–meaning your images will have a candid, natural feel but I also focus on composition and experimental techniques to make each image into its own artwork. A lot of your wedding will be shot documentary-style, but we'll have fun and get creative with portraits to give them an editorial, cinematic feel. If you like photography that's a bit gritty, vintage and film-like, and less focused on "smile at the camera" you'll like how I shoot.

How many images will we receive?

Every wedding is so different, but you can usually expect about 50-70 images per hour. Each one is edited for color correction, black and white, and light retouching. I also filter out any images where people are blinking, duplicates, etc. so you only get the best.

We like artsy photos but my parents and grandparents want posed family portraits. Do you do those?

Definitely! These are super important to have. I love the artsy fartsy photos too but I love the group photos I have from my wedding day.

How does booking work?

Once you feel all set to go, it's just a 50% retainer fee and signed agreement to secure your date. The rest is due 30 days before your weddings. Everything is done digitally so it's super easy (no stamps required).

Do you travel?

YES! Absolutely anywhere. I've shot in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Boston, St. Thomas USVI...I'm game for going anywhere, and I'm really good at traveling.

How do we know when to take photos?

A couple months before your wedding I send you a questionnaire so you can tell me locations and start times of your ceremony and reception. Based on that I create a timeline for you so we can figure out the best time to do portraits and have enough time for traveling between any change of location.

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