Unique Wedding Caterers in Connecticut


I get asked a lot for Connecticut wedding caterer recommendations, especially for couples who want something a little different. Maybe it’s because I love food? I also remember that catering was one of the trickiest things to choose while wedding planning, so I’m guessing a lot of couples are also in that boat. Choosing a caterer can take a bit of work, but it’s also really fun. You get to taste test a bunch of dishes, and it’s surprisingly romantic. If your venue provides it you’re all set, but if you have to bring in your own, the options can be kind of overwhelming. In a delicious way.

Luckily, I’ve eaten a lot of wedding food, and can wholeheartedly recommend any of the below as some of the best Connecticut wedding caterers I know. They range from formal, to casual, to in-between, so depending on your style you should be able to get some inspiration. These are my top five!


Best wedding caterers Connecticut


Big Green Truck Pizza
I’m salivating right now just thinking of their mashed potato pizza, with its crispy charred crust (*Homer Simpson drooling sound). If you want authentic New Haven style pizza or are into the idea of a food truck at your wedding, Big Green Truck is who you want at your party. They also have gluten-free and vegan options! And pizzas in the shape of hearts, just to be cheesy. Plus, the truck is very attractive and retro, so fits in well at a laid-back or backyard wedding. (click photo below to see more pizza and photos from Fawn and Evan’s carousel wedding).

Big Green Truck Pizza Website


Wedding food trucks connecticut


David Alan
I recommend David Alan to a lot of couples. Is it because I want to eat their food more often? Maybe. Their presentation is beautiful and creative, and they are totally open to whimsical and fun ideas like the mini fish & chips below (also perfect for walking around and eating at the same time… or in my case, shooting). Click either of the photos below to see more food and photos from Allie + Ciaran’s wedding.

David Alan Website


Best wedding Caterers ConnecticutUnique wedding caterers in Connecticut


Catering by Christine
The people at catering by Christine are super professional and easy to work with. They started out owning restaurants and then moved into catering, so they have a good range of experience.

Catering by Christine Website


Unique wedding caterers Connecticut


Coastal Gourmet Group
As you can probably gather from their name, Coastal Gourmet Group does a lot of events in the Mystic area, and on the coast. So if you’re having a beachy-upscale wedding or are into seafood, they might be a good option. They also have delicious vegetarian food (I can tell you this firsthand). You can click the photo below to see more from Lauren and Katie’s wedding in Mystic.

Coastal Gourmet Website


Best wedding caterers Connecticut


Blue Rocks Catering
Not only is their food delicious, but Katie is amazing to work with. Part planner and part caterer, she makes sure everything runs smoothly and looks awesome. They also have a partnership with Behan Family Farms in Charleston, RI, so if you’re into Oysters, they’re a great choice. Also, butter is my favorite thing to eat, and they even make that humblest of foods look amazing (see below, and click either photo to see more from Jane + Oliver’s wedding).

Blue Rocks Catering Website


Best caterers Connecticut

Best caterers Connecticut


So there it is, my list of my top 5 (also the title of a pretty solid Chris Rock movie) favorite wedding caterers in Connecticut. I hope one of them works out for you, and not just because I’d like to eat more of their food this year.


Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the practices or performance of any other business. Please use your own best judgement when choosing your vendors!


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