Photos are meant
to be printed

Plain and simple. Whenever my couples ask me if they should get an album, I tell them these three things:

1. Photos are meant to be printed. We live in a time of photo impermanence, where keeping photos in the cloud or on a hard drive is the norm. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter make it easy to share photos right away, but in an instant those photos are forgotten and scrolled past. A printed album safeguards your memories. And most of all, your wedding photos will look a lot better printed on archival photo paper than they will on a screen.

2. When else will you have the chance to get yourself an album like this? Your wedding is the perfect time to treat yoself!

3. Yes, albums are a bit of an investment up front. But albums from budget sites are more likely to warp and fade over time. I'm a big believer in investing in quality, especially when it comes to wedding photos. The albums I offer are flush-mount and your photos are printed on matte photo paper mounted on thick board. Also, when you order through me, I handle all the design work. It's super easy for you.

Thinking of getting an album? Let me know when you fill out the contact form!

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