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They booked! Now what?

A planning packet is one of the best gifts you can give to your couples

Choosing what info your couples need most and preparing them for what happens after they book can be a daunting task. Being super generous with photo info and advice is one the things my couples always tell me they love most about working with me. I've found that when couples have lots of info about what to expect, things go more smoothly for everyone.

What is a photo planning packet?

It's a booklet (digital or printed) you send to your couples after they book. It includes advice like how they can help you get the best photos possible, how to plan their photo timelines, and what to expect from you in the months leading up to their wedding. It can be anywhere from 6-30 pages, depending on how comprehensive you want it to be.

Why is a photo planning packet so important?

Not only does it help your couples, it helps you. The more info your couples have about how you work and what they can do to make their photos even better, the more smoothly things will go for you. After your session, we'll move on to designing your custom photo planning packet, based on your unique brand. Yeah, you could get a pre-made template online for less. But most are pretty generic, and they won't be designed for your brand specifically. You also won't have freedom with your copy since you'll have to write specifically for that template's design. I design based on your copy, not the other way around!

What sort of topics can we include in your planning packet?

  • Preparing couples for how you shoot sessions

  • Suggestions for getting-ready locations

  • Tips for making their photo timeline run smoothly

  • Avoiding problems with family photos

These are just a few examples! Your topic suggestions will be custom to you, based on your brand and what you value most.



Kathleen was awesome to work with! I had been putting off designing my own welcome packets for months and months for my wedding photography business. I just never found the time to get around to it. I found Kathleen and was instantly sold on her work. She had me fill out an informative questionnaire to become familiar with my vision and brand message and got to work right away. She was helpful, kind, and prompt with her responses. She made me feel validated in the changes I wanted to make with the design while still advising me what would look best visually. Now I get to send gorgeous packets to my clients without having to type everything out over and over and over!

- Jessie Caballero Photography

Photos by Jessie Caballero Photography, packet design by Kathleen Telesco

Your marketing materials and packaging should be as beautiful as your photos

I offer custom graphic design and visual elements for not just welcome packets, but lots of different printed and web materials– from postcards, to shipping tape, to stickers, to hand-drawn illustrations for your website. With eight years of experience in branding, graphic design and photography, I love creating beautiful visual solutions for small businesses.

While building my business from scratch, my love of creating brand identities and helping businesses create beautiful printed and online materials grew. As I created more and more content for my own photography company, I realized that there were probably many photographers that could use a hand. Aside from the work aspect of building a business, you have chosen to venture off on your own because you love what you do, and I want to help you present the best version of yourself.

Whether you need an image refresh or are starting a new venture, I can help you pull it all together. Don't know where to start? Reach out so I can create a custom proposal for you based on what you need 





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