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They booked! Now what?

Creating your work flow & couple's experience, from booking to wedding day

There are a lot of options for what you can do after a couple books. Should you send them a welcome packet? How do you prep them for their day? Choosing what info your couples need most and preparing them for what happens after they book, can be a daunting task. There's so much to do to make sure they have the information they need, and to make sure that you keep your connection with them during the in-between months.

My mentoring sessions help you figure out your booking work flow, and how you can set the tone for your couples. I work with you individually to create an experience that reflects exactly who you are. Everything is custom to your unique brand and business.

After your session, you'll have the option to add on a custom-designed welcome packet based on my recommendations.



• In-depth pre-Skype questionnaire  

• One hour one-on-one talk with me via Skype 

• Layout suggestions for your work flow, from booking, to photo delivery 

• Options for what to send to your couples, in what format, and when 

• Custom recommendations for crafting your client's experience, based on your unique brand 

• Detailed feedback PDF with custom recommendations for your welcome packet, how long it should be, and an outline of suggested topics to include 

• Mini website and brand analysis 

• 20% discount off custom welcome packet design services

Cost: $250

Mentoring sessions do not include copywriting, actual written or visual content, or packet design. They're a way to start creating a framework for what you want to include in your packet based on your brand's priorities, and for me to share my knowledge and post-booking practices. I'd be happy to talk about designing your packet for you afterward, and to point you in the direction of a few great copywriters that I know!



These sessions are helpful if:

You don't have a work flow down yet, or want to improve on your existing work flow

You want to make your couples' experiences more high-end and personalized

You don't have a welcome packet yet, or want to improve on the one you have

You want help figuring out what your brand is, and what unique experience you bring to the table



Already have your work flow down pat? No worries, we can get right to designing!

After seeing the need for custom, well-designed printed and web materials, I started offering custom design for other photographers. Since I'm in the same boat, I understand what you, and your couples, want: organized content, nice large photos, and a look that's true to you. 

Professional design can elevate your brand and show clients that you're serious about investing in your business. I create a range of marketing materials from welcome and pricing packets, to postcards, to custom shipping tape. Reach out below and let me know what you're dreamin' and schemin'!





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