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Wedding Photography FAQs

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Wedding planning can seem overwhelming, and sometimes just knowing the right questions to ask can be confusing in itself. So I’ve compiled the questions I get asked most frequently. If you have others, you can of course reach out!

How many images will I receive from my wedding? Can I have all of them?
Every wedding is so different, so there is no real concrete number.  For most weddings, you will receive about 40-60 images per hour depending on number of guests, and the events you have planned for the day.  I don’t give out every image that I capture, because many times there are duplicates, test shots, etc. – I go through afterward and choose only the best ones to edit and give to you. I like you to have plenty photos of your day, but I also focus on quality and not just on quantity.

Do you edit my images?
Yes! I hand-edit each image you receive, adjusting color, contrast, converting select images to black and white – basically bringing out the best in each photograph. I’m very particular about this process. I do light retouching to skin if necessary.

Do you back up our photos?
YES! I use multiple, smaller-capacity memory cards while shooting so your images are spread out, and I keep the memory cards in a special wallet that clips to my belt loop so they are always with me during your wedding. After the event I back up your images to cloud storage, as well as external hard drives. I keep all of the select, edited images for a year after your wedding date, and after that only a select few. That’s why you also get the digital images and I always suggest that you have them in multiple places as well (and preferably in an album).

When will we receive our images?
It usually takes between 5-8 weeks to receive your final images

What exactly is artistic documentary-style photography?
Basically it means that I love finding beauty in the details, in the every-day, in the emotions of you, your family and friends. It means my style focuses strongly on candid moments and unrehearsed moments. However, I do guide you into very relaxed “posing” for portraits in order to create compositionally beautiful photographs. The trick is to help you look your best for the camera, but then allow you to fall into the movement or “pose” to make it your own and for it to become natural.

What is it like to work with you?
I like being really transparent about my process and working style so you know what to expect before your session. You can get more of an idea of my approach by checking out my blog and my about page. And of course, reaching out directly so we can talk is always best!

Do I need two photographers?
It depends. I usually shoot alone, and if you’re having a smaller wedding, usually one photographer is enough. This is completely up to you, though. For weddings over 115 people or so, or where getting-ready locations are farther apart, two photographers may be needed. We can definitely talk beforehand and try to figure what would be best.

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How does coverage time work? What if there is an hour or two of downtime between my ceremony and reception?
Coverage time is by consecutive hours and starts when I arrive and ends when I leave. So if you choose 10 hours of coverage, for example, a sample time-block could be 12:00 pm- 10:00 pm. You can always add on hours. Since I only shoot one event per day, am completely dedicated to you and of course can’t shoot another event between your ceremony and reception, any gap in events does go toward your coverage time.

Do you do this in addition to your “day job”?
Nope! This my full-time job.

Do you shoot elopements and weddings shorter than 8 hours?
8-10 hours is usually the minimum amount of time for a wedding with getting-ready photos, portraits, a ceremony and reception. Since there are often delays during the wedding day and things tend to run late, fewer than 8 hours can really be a squeeze. I do shoot elopements, though!

We like candid, documentary wedding photography but my parents and grandparents still want formal portrait groupings done. Can you do that?
Yes! A couple months before your wedding I send you a questionnaire asking which portrait groupings you’d like. Although I focus mostly on candid images, it’s really nice to have those group photos as well.

Speaking of non-traditional…my partner and aren’t doing everything by the book. Is that okay ?
More and more often I talk to couples who are doing things their own way, and I love that. My husband and I skipped over a lot of the traditional stuff at our wedding and we had a great time. Short answer is yes, I love offbeat weddings.

Do you shoot film or digital?
My background is in film photography, which I still always use for my personal work. Often I shoot a roll or two at weddings just because I love it. But mostly for weddings I shoot digital.

I’m not photogenic! Will that be okay?
Actually, most of my couples tell me they’re not photogenic, and you can’t tell by looking at their images! I work hard to make you feel comfortable during your session, and prepared beforehand. Most people aren’t used to having a whole shoot to themselves, so it’s completely normal to feel a little nervous. I promise it will be fun though!

Can you shoot differently than the style on your site?
I always always encourage couples to make sure that you love your photographer’s style. Asking me to shoot or edit in a different way would be kind of like asking you to talk in a convincing fake accent all day. You’re probably not going to be at your best, and people will be really confused. My style is on the moodier, grainier, more film-like spectrum rather than light, bright and clean. Ultimately I do my best work when couples trust me and give me creative freedom to capture you and your day in the best way I know how. If you love the work on my site, then we should be a good fit.

Can you hold my wedding date?
Dates are on a first-come first-serve basis. Your wedding date is held once I receive the retainer fee and signed agreement. Once I have those, you’re good to go!

Do you include an album with wedding coverage?
Albums can be ordered in addition to coverage. I offer several packages that include beautiful albums. These packages save you a few hundred dollars, so pre-ordering an album with your coverage is a good idea if you think you want one! You can read more about albums here.

Aren’t albums expensive?
All wedding coverage comes with the select, edited digital images. However, I encourage you to get an album as well. Many consumer printing sites are not using high quality materials for your images. The albums I offer are hand-made and of super high quality, and with quality comes a bit of an investment. But what I always tell people is: you most likely are not going to buy another heirloom album again in your life, so your wedding is the time to treat yourself!

How do we figure out when/where to take photos on the day?
About a month before your wedding I send out a questionnaire to establish the timing of your day. From there I put together a photography timeline for you.

Do you do engagement shoots?
Yes! I think they’re a great way for us to get to know each other and for you to get comfortable being in front of the camera. When you pre-book an engagement shoot with your wedding day coverage, I always give a discount as well.

What are your rates?

Wedding coverage starts at $2400. For full pricing info, get in touch and we can talk about what works for your budget and wedding day.

Do you work from shot lists?
In order to capture your day in a way that reflects the style you see in my portfolio, I don’t work from set shot lists from couples. However, a couple months before your wedding I send a very thorough questionnaire where you can list any important group family shots you may want, and where you will tell me the VIPs of your wedding so I can make sure to get them!

Are you insured?

Do you travel, and is there an additional fee?
Yes, I love traveling and have often hopped planes for weddings! For weddings in Connecticut and New York, there is no additional travel fee. For anywhere else travel fees are based on mileage, and, if necessary, a flat rate for hotel, flight and rental car cost. This is added as a flat rate when you book your wedding.

More questions or want to talk? Reach out at!