Documentary wedding photographers New York

What's your photography style?

I describe it as artistic documentary. This means that your images will be mostly candid, but also focused on interesting compositions to make each image into its own work of art. A lot of your wedding will be shot documentary-style, but we'll have fun and get creative with portraits to give them an editorial, sometimes cinematic feel. I'm pretty unobtrusive throughout the day, although I tend to check in with my couples to keep things running and to make sure you're having fun. I do make sure to get your details (decorations, florals, table settings, etc.) but I definitely focus more on people than details because I find that those are the photos that couples usually end up treasuring the most. A dress photo is nice, but a photo of you looking ecstatic in your dress is even better!


How many images will we receive/will we get to choose which ones?

Every wedding is so different, but you can usually expect about 40-60 final edited photos per hour of coverage depending on what your day is like. They're delivered digitally to you in a personal online gallery, and ready to print. I deliver only the final edited photos to you, so you won't have to go through and approve anything! I only take out photos of people blinking or with food hanging out of their mouths.


How does booking work?

Once you feel all set to go, I just require a 40% retainer (plus the cost of your engagement session if you've chosen to do one, since those are delivered before your wedding), and a signed contract to secure your date. The rest is due 30 days before your wedding. I accept traditional check or bank transfer (e-check). Everything is done digitally so it's super easy. No stamps required.


Do we get the digital photos, and can we print?

Yes and yes! All weddings include wedding-day coverage with myself, your artistically edited digital photos, personal online gallery, personal print release, photo timeline creation, my list of recommended vendors, and my photo planning packet. It also includes my super quick email response times and answers to your random questions along the way! An engagement session, second photographer, and/or albums and prints can always be added on as well.

Do you work off shot lists/Pinterest boards?

Short answer is no, because I'd be doing you such a disservice if I did! Long answer is: my style is very candid, and working off a list or trying to copy someone else's style would be super counterintuitive for me. I wouldn't be able to give you my best. That said, I get a list of VIP family members from you before your wedding for group shots so we can set up a time for those if you'd like. And all the important stuff like the kiss at the altar, first dance, etc. are of course already on the list in my head! Everything else will be pretty candid and in-the-moment though, because every wedding has its unique and unscripted moments.


I see a lot of outdoorsy/backyard weddings in your portfolio. What kind of weddings do you shoot?

I focus on smaller weddings (around 100 guests or usually fewer) and yes–lots of outdoor, tented, farm, mountain, outdoor restaurant and backyard weddings! I'm happiest and most inspired when I'm shooting outside or with my hiking boots on, so I mainly focus on those sort of events. The casual, fun, and laid-back vibe is my niche for sure. It tends to work best with my personality (not afraid to get my hands dirty or lay on the ground to get a good shot) and style of shooting. If you're planning a chill wedding that's mostly just like a really fun party and more about the people and having a good time than anything else, we'll probably be an awesome fit!


Do you work with second photographers?

Sometimes! I usually am shooting smaller/more casual weddings where it's not necessarily needed, but there are some situations when it can be beneficial. We can definitely talk about that and see if it would be right for you.

Are you insured?



Are you LGBTQ-friendly?

Hell yes. My number one priority over everything else is making all of my couples feel comfortable and included. I don't have "bride and groom" poses or materials–just stuff that applies to anyone in love! The only things I ever care about when figuring out if we're a fit is that you're a nice person and you dig my style!


Will we be able to print our photos without watermarks on them?

Yes! Your photos will not have watermarks on them.


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